Another vs. Normal Party: iNSaNiTY is the sequel to Another vs. Normal Party, it was released on October 31st 2014.


The aftermath of the first game, but the main characters have been returned to the school, they find Another Reicheru.....


All the characters are from the first game

New charactersEdit

Ryo Kisho: A 20-year old Sebastian Michaelis cosplayer kidnapped and stabbed in the abdomen, leading to his death, his bloodied stomach organs are needed to appease him

Satoshi Kisho: A 14-year old Ciel cosplayer who was stabbed in the throat, his vocal organs are needed to appease him

Shikoki Yoshiko: A 15-year old Italy cosplayer, died after his right eye was stabbed and cut out, his eye is needed to appease him.