Another vs, Normal Party: Zero Compassion is a survival horror game. It will release on March 22nd, 2017 for the XBOX One and Playstation 4.


New CharactersEdit

Dongmei Xingu: An 11-year old Chinese girl who went to a convention with her brother Zhao Xingu, she was killed by a weeaboo who thought she was Japanese

Ki Dae-Kong: a college student from South Korea who died after he was bashed against a wall, causing brain hemorage.

Yuka Kamagata: An 8-year old Japanese girl who's parents moved from Japan to the USA, she is killed when she was tackle hugged and ended up on the road, a car hit her, killing her.

Kiyoko Kamagata: Yuka's mother, she is killed alongside her husband when she fell 20 floors from the building after being tackle hugged

Kai Kamagata: Yuka's father, he is killed alongside his wife when he fell 20 floors from the building after being tackled hugged.



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