The following is a parental guide of content that may not be suitable for younger audiences and gamers.

Sex and NudityEdit

A male ghost is seen with his jacket unbuttoned

Violence and GoreEdit

Three young children are seen with blood on them

A male ghost has blood on his neck

A female character is decapitated

Three rifles are seen

A German ghost's rotten corpse is seen by the main characters

A man is stabbed in the throat in a flashback

Two ghost males are seen, one shot in the neck and one stabbed in the neck.

A male ghost is starved and beaten in his office when he was alive

They are corpses of soldiers, Axis and Allies, including one disembowled, and many sliced in half/


50 uses of f***, 40 uses of s***, 20 uses of d*** and many racist slurs


Frightening/Intense ScenesEdit

The nine spirits are from WWII-era Germany, Italy, and Japan and the male ghost are wearing uniforms with the Japanese ghost wearing the coat unbuttoned, this may offend anyone who is sensitive around WWII

The game is extremely graphic and gory, rated M for intense bloody violence, use of WWII uniforms and weapons and strong, explicit language.

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