Here is a list of glitches in Another vs. Normal Party: Supernatural Spirits.


The fatality is determined by the color of the text.

Green text means it's a non-fatal glitch

Orange text means it's not as fatal

Red text means it's a game-breaking, unwinnable, game freezing, or save corrupting bug.

Dark red text means it's by Freak Foor, worse than red text, and cannot be activated without the use of a cheating device from the version it was resolved onward.

Ver 1.4Edit

Ver 1.3Edit

Ver 1.2Edit

Ver 1.1Edit

Kagome Kagome GlitchEdit

Before the first update, there was a nasty bug, , when they are playing Kagome Kagome (Circle you, Circle you) with one of the playable character, the game may go into an endless loop, forcing you to reset.

Jiko-kun CrashEdit

Typing "Jiao-kun" into Custom Mode will result Hiro's kill screen appearing before crashing the game, fixed versions of the game has Jiao looking at you, she then walks, only for you to follow her

Tokiko Shako (Prevented progress) BugEdit

If you save in WWII Japan, near the area where you have to give Tokiko Shako her diary and her picture of her brother Yuuya, after booting up, the appease scene will go on in an infinite loop, making Tokiko's Appeasement impossible.

Disappearing German Shepherd BugEdit

When entering the area with Monika Fech I, if you walk to the arm of the chair, the German Shepherd plush you are holding disappears until you offer it to Monika.

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