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Another vs. Normal Party: Supernatural Spirits (JP: Another vs. Normal Party: Sly Fox Family Feud) is an upcoming survival horror game for the 3DS and the third game in the Another vs. Normal Party series. It is rated M for Mature.


The heroes must appease the Sly Fox Trio along with their families with pictures of their relatives, rifles and organs.



Tokiko Shako: A six-year old girl brutally killed in Nagasaki bombing victim, she needs a picture of her brother to appease her.

Sakura Shako: A female Nagasaki bombing victim, she needs a picture of her family to appease her.

Ryou Shako: A male Hibakusha (Explosion-affected people) that got locked in his office and died from starvation weeks later, his Arisaka sniper rifle is needed to appease him.

Antonino Rossi: A male Italian soldier driven to insanity by Facism, his right testicle that Jonathan Woods removed and his rifle are needed to appease him.

Alessa Rossi: Antonino's daughter, a picture of her brother is needed to appease her.

Dona Rossi:

Dietrich Fech:

Alois Fech:

Monika Fech I: A former female concentration camp guard who was deemed to 'shy' to work, she is killed in the Berlin bombings after a heated argument, the items needed are a German shepherd plush, her colleague's apology letter, and a picture of her family.



It received even more critical acclaim than the previous two games in the series.

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