The following is a list of items in Another vs. Normal Party. Each is sorted into a different group.

Appease ItemsEdit

Female Reproductive System: Picked up in Chapter 4, use to appease Another Reicheru

Human Heart: Picked up in Chapter 4, use to appease Another Alessandro

Human Liver: Picked up in Chapter 4, use it to appease Another Kazuki.


Potion: Recovers 1/8 of maximum damage.

Magic Water: Recovers 1/4 of maximum damage.

Weapons that can be achieved via Wuzzle Up (one of Marilou the Otter's abilities)Edit

  • Barrel Water Gun: Half multi-barrel gun, half water gun. Fires rapid bursts of water at a target.
  • Maclub: Half club, half mace. Can be used to break sturdy walls that cannot be broken by both a mace or a club.

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