Green text means it's a non-fatal glitch

Orange text means it's not as fatal

Red text means it's a game-breaking, unwinnable, game freezing, or save corrupting bug.

Dark red text means it's by Freak Foor, worse than red text, and cannot be activated without the use of a cheating device from the version it was resolved onward.

Prior to Ver 1.5Edit

Prior to Ver 1.4Edit

Prior to Ver 1.3Edit

Prior to Ver 1.2Edit

Crying Another Reicheru BugEdit

Very rarely, but when Another Reicheru tells her story, due to a glitch, she will cry in an infinite loop, after resetting, she does not appear after you appeased her, since talking to her is needed to progess on to the story, you need to keep multiple save files, If you only have one, you need to restart the save file.

Another Reicheru GlitchEdit

Sometimes, If you save after you appease Another Reicheru, she reappears again and the game will crash when interacted with.

Ice Room GlitchEdit

On rare occasions, the game sometimes crashes, when in the Ice rooms

Another Giuseppe GlitchEdit

Prior to Ver 1.1Edit

Reproductive System GlitchEdit

If you got the reproductive system in Chapter 5 instead of 4 if you forgot to pick it up, the game will freeze and the save file is gone.

10,000 Step-glitchEdit

After you walk ten thousand steps in one area, the Freak Foor closing logo appears. It's unresolvable until the logo ends. This time, the logo is an exceedingly strong magnet.

All Versions currentlyEdit

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