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Another Reicheru, Kazuki, and Alessandro's Kidnapping and Murder

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1613, Another Reicheru's deathEdit

Nicole: "It started in Italy and Japan, 14-year old Another Reicheru was bounded and blindfolded, her kimono ripped off, and Mario Todaro III stabbing her womb 15-20 times before dying." [Reicheru is watching the rain, and a man leaves the room]

[A cloth is pressed to her face]

Another Reicheru: "やめて!やめて-!" (Translation: Stop! Stop-!)

[Another Reicheru is unconsiouns]

cut to:

[Another Reicheru is tied up by hands and feet in seprate ropes and is blindfolded]

Another Reicheru: "違う!やめて!なぜ私を目隠ししている!" (Translation: No! Stop! why are blindfolding me?!)

???: "Riproduttivo----" (Translation: Reproductive----)

Another Reicheru: "生殖?、彼はイタリア語で話しているの" (Translation: Reproductive?, He's speaking in Italian)

[The mysterious man rips off her kimono]

Another Reicheru: "---ストップストップ!" (Translation: Stop---stop!)

[The mysterious man takes off the blindfold]

Another Reicheru: "マリオトダーロ第3弾!" (Translation: Mario Todaro the Third!)

[Mario gets out a knife]

Another Reicheru: "違う!お願いし停止!私は死にたくない!" (Translation: No! Stop, please! I don't want to die!)

[Mario stabs Another Reicheru's womb multiple times, followed by her screaming]

Another Reicheru: "ああああああああああああ!お母さん!お母さん!私を助けて!どうぞ!ごめんなさい!" (Translation: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mom! Mom! Save me! please! I'm sorry!)

[Another Reicheru dies from blood loss, as Mario slashes a hole where her reprodutive system would be and disconnects it with a knife and throws it in a bag and hides it]

1949, Another Alessandro's deathEdit

Nicole: "Another Alessandro was the second to die in the serial kidnapping." [A person puts Another Alessandro on a rug and ties ropes around his wrists and ankles to prevent him moving and blindfolds him]

Another Alessandro: "Lasciami andare!" (Translation: Let me go!)

[The mysterious person gets a knife]

Another Alessandro: "Arrestare! arrestare-!" (Translation: Stop, stop-!)

[The mysterious person jabs the knife into his heart, and he screams]

Another Alessandro: (screaming) "Fa male! Fa male!" (Translation: It hurts! It hurts!)

[The Mysterious person stabs the heart 15-20 times until he is at his last breath]

Another Alessandro: "Gius---- (Translation: Gius----)

[Another Alessandro dies, and the mysterious person takes out his heart]

2012/2037, Another Kazuki's deathEdit

Nicole: "Another Kazuki Sato was next in line to scream for his life."

[Another Takumi puts Another Kazuki down, blindfolded and bounded]

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