The Another Ghost trio are three spirits, one Italian, two Japanese, they haunt Demonic Power Elementary and Junior High School, They are the Another Alessandro Todaro, Kazuki Sato, and Reicheru Chaiko.


Reicheru ChaikoEdit

The only female member of the trio, she died when her she was kidnapped after an arguement with her mom, and had her reproductuve system taken out and removed, dying from blood loss in the process, she haunts the Fire and Ice rooms, and will kill anyone who comes in contact, she will kill them by stabbing them where the reproductive system is and removing it, died age 14, She is the 2nd dangerous, she kills anyone who enters the said rooms, she is the first murder victim in 1613 of the 1613-1949-2013/2037 Murders and Kidnappings.

Alessandro TodaroEdit

A teacher of the school who died also after being kidnapped, and had his heart taken out and died seconds later, he haunts the classrooms and kills anyone who comes in contact by stabbing them in the heart, died age 59, he is the least dangerous and doesn't kill as much as the other two, but does If appeased incorrectly, such as giving him Kazuki's liver, he is the second murder victim in 1949 of the 1613-1949-2013/2037 Murders and Kidnappings.

Kazuki SatoEdit

A graduated part-timer assistant at the school, he was also kidnapped, and died by getting his liver removed, he haunts the staffrooms, hallways, and the library, and will kill by taking the liver out, died age 18, He is the most dangerous out of the three spirits, he kills by stabbing the liver, he kills anyone who enters the staffrooms, he is the third and final murder victim in 2013/2037 of the 1613-1949-2013/2037 Murders and Kidnappings.


  • The removal of one of their organs correspond to the ruling body parts of their zodiac signs Scorpio (Reproductive system), Virgo (Liver), and Leo (Heart),

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