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Anna Kirochu gets kicked out of Little Princess School

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Getting ready for schoolEdit

Orla: "Anna, Tariko, hurry up or you will be late!"

[We hear Anna and Tariko fighting in the bathroom]

Anna: "I got here first!"

Tariko: "Did not!"

Anna: "Did too!"

Orla: "Girls, that's enough bickering. Stop it!"

Tariko and Anna: "Okay!"

[Orla hurries the girls into the Van and drives them off to school]

After the kids are dropped off at schoolEdit

[Orla is in her garden, tending to her petunias]

Anna at SchoolEdit

[The teacher begins the lesson]

Teacher: "Good morning students."

Students: "Good morning Mr. Diller!"

[Mr. Diller sips his coffee and begins to feel ill]

Mr. Diller: "Children, I do not...feel very well..."

[Mr. Diller looks green]


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