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Cosplay PartyEdit

Tokiko vs. SamuelEdit

[Tokiko shows her new Sonic doll to Ryou and Sakura]

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Mommy! Daddy! Look what I've won, he's adorable!)

[Samuel is seen, observing Tokiko and her parents]

Samuel: "Hmmph! I wanted to win that!"

[Samuel rushes up and snatches the doll off Tokiko]

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Give it back!)

Samuel: "No! Mine! You stole my ticket!"

[Samuel pushes Tokiko, then Sakura comes behind him and hits him]

Sakura: "" (Translation: Nobody hits my little girl!)

[Tokiko is on the ground bawling, then Ryo the Yokai Spirit comes up the snatches the doll out of Samuel's hand then gives it back then picks up Tokiko]

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Mr. Ryo! My hero!)

Samuel: (starts throwing a tantrum by pounding his arms and legs on the ground while crying and screaming) "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I WANT THAT F***ING SONIC DOLL!"

Ryo: "Grow up, a**hole!"

Penicillin AllergyEdit

Antonino: "" (Translation: "I hope I am not impacted by that stupid Penicillin that Samuel always tried to offer me!")

[Samuel force-feeds Antonino some Penicillin pills and snickers]

Antonino: "" (Translation: "Ugh! I'm not feeling so well....")

Samuel: "Too bad! Like it or lump it, b****!"

Antonino: "" (Translation: "Samuel, please!")

Toshio vs. SamuelEdit

[Toshio is seen holding his Shadow doll, a wrapping his hand around Shika]

Toshio: "" (Translation: Hm, I like the music, right?)

[Shika nods]

[Samuel sneaks up behind Toshio, then snatches his Shadow plush, whom then turns around]

Samuel: "Ha ha! Got your Shadow doll! You can't have it, nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!"

[Toshio stands up, picks up the Blood Drainer]

Toshio: "" (Translation: Give it back!)

[Samuel then snatches the Blood Drainer]

Samuel: "Konnichiwia! I'm Toshio Samo, my mom is hot and a w****! I like KFC! And I'm a skinny f***er!" (to the audience) "This episode is the right place for me to screw up stuff!" (Flips off the audience while giggling loudly)

[Toshio leaves then comes back with Satoko]

Samuel: "Oh hey, Satoko!"

Toshio: "" (Translation: You offended! THE SHAKO FAMILY LINE! HOW DISHONOURABLE!)

Satoko: "" (Translation: Toshio and I are greatly offended, that Japanese sword was from circa 660 BC, now, if you kindly, Give me back the doll and my katana!"

Samuel: "No! It's mine!"

[Toshio snatches the katana off Samuel and holds it to his throat!]

Toshio: "" (Translation: I will kill you, do you hear me? I will tear your testicles off and staple them to your forehead! Decapitate you, and Rip out your organs the Japanese way of honour!)

Samuel: "Heh, prove it to me!"

[Toshio slashes the sword at Samuel, causing him to drop Toshio's Shadow plush and then Toshio picks it up and throws it to his mom]

Toshio: "" (Translation: Step back before I cut you down to size!)

[Samuel holds up a sign reading "Oh s***! I'm outta here!" (A la Wile E Coyote) and dashes off screaming]

Uh oh! I'm in Trouble! Edit

[Nicole and Sakura angrily get out huge clubs]

Nicole: "You're in deep trouble, Samuel Bert Otter!"

Samuel: "Oh no! What have I done to deserve this?!"

Nicole: "You caused trouble at the party!"

Samuel: (in, surprisngly, a girlish voice) "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"  

[Samuel tries to run, but Sakura manages to grab him by the tail]

Samuel: "OW! LET GO!"

Sakura: "" (Translation: "Here's a surprise: One suffering coming right up!")

[Samuel gulps in fear]

[Sakura begins to physically abuse Samuel, causing the latter to whine in pain]

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