At schoolEdit

Nicole: "Ania suddenly noticed that she had another sore throat while she was in P.E. class that morning. She already had three to four sore throats in one month."

Ania: (to herself) " " (Translation: "Oh, no. Not again!")

Nicole: "Not only that, but she also had a headache."

[Ania, along with the kids line up for P.E. in front of their P.E. Coach]

Ania: "Mrs. Appleton, I have a sore throat and a headache."

Mrs. Appleton: "Ania Kiranoko, this is getting silly. I'm sure you are faking---- Oh my word!"

[Ania faints]

Visiting the doctorEdit

Checking into the HospitalEdit

The SurgeryEdit

Going HomeEdit