Andrew Tinnings (Park Young-Soo) (born November 15, 2015) is a South Korean boy, he was born in Seoul, South Korea, like Marie, he was put up for adoption while his parents were still alive and got adopted the same time as Marie, like her, he was the only child of a DMZ border guard. He has adopted siblings.



He has black hair and blue eyes, he wears a red top and green pants with shoes


He is a young boy who tries to make North Korean Marie Lara-Rutter happy and show her there is nothing to be afraid of

Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Tinnings ( -) (Adopted) ( -) (Biological)
  • Mother: Tinnings (née: ) ( -) (Adopted) (née: ) ( -) (Biological)
  • Brothers: (adopted from ),
  • Sisters: (adopted from ),
  • Aunts:
  • Uncles:
  • Cousins:
  • Grandmothers: Tinnings (née: ) ( -),
  • Grandfathers: Tinnings ( -),


When I thought it was a Cuban teacher, because we actually have one, but it was only a little girl, she was no older than I was, I thought she was South Korean, I thought "Why are they bullying a South Korean girl?" they were calling her Commie and I didn't know why, I comforted her, she told me she was from North Korea, I told her bullies why they were doing this, they said I shouldn't stand up for a girl from a c***py dictatorship, she was being treated because of this?! I helped her every now and then. ~ Andrew when he met Marie.

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

He appears on the episode 78-Hour Tantrum, where his adoptive parents took him and his Asian siblings to Reicheru's birthday party



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