The Andretts Family is a fanon season 17 episode of Supernanny, Jo visits Hartford, CT to meet the Andretts. Jimmy, age 37, and Anny, age 34 have 20 children adopted from different countries: Avraam, age 14 (from Russia), Ciro, age 12 (from Italy), Hoki, age 10 (from Japan), Dafne, age 9 (from Germany), Yeng, age 8 (from China), Friderika, age 7 (from Hungary), Gustaw, age 5 (from Poland), fraternal quadruplets Hector, Edwige, Henriette, and Herbert, age 4 (from France) and fraternal nonuplets Adolfo, Dominga, Lucia, Nicolas, Leonardo, Pilar, Teresa, Fernado, and Eva, age 3 (from Ecuador). These children (minus Avraam, who already understands and speaks English from tutoring and is well-behaved) do not understand English, which causes their frustration and anger. They are defiant and throw tantrums, scream, bite, throw things, and act odd around the clock. Can Jo help the family? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room, Naughty Step, Naughty Pit, Thought Box (for Avraam), and Learn English.

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