Another Andrea Tinnings (Park Su-Hyun) (November 15th 2015) is a South Korean prison camp guard, mistress to fellow guard Another Mark (Ri Dae-Jung) and female counterpart to Another Andrew Tinnings, who is also known as Park Young-Soo


She is a young girl of above average height and average weight, she wears a Kimjongilia flower in her shoulder length hair given by Another Mark, she wears a South Korean Female uniform

She had the number 17 in hangul (십칠) marked on her right forearm, this was removed via surgery


She is brutal and violent towards prisoners, but loving and affectionate toward Another Mark, she is also more sane and tells the team her North Korean friend's brutality and his dislike of being called a girl and Mark.


  • She is a fan of Pucca, but refuses to admit it to anyone other than Ri Dae-Jung.

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