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Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Submission ReelEdit

Observation BeginsEdit

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

Calling Nicole Birou-JenningsEdit

[Nicole is reading a book while Kayla and Orla are working on a science experiment]

Nicole Birou-Jennings: "Hello, this is Nicole Birou-Jennings."

Katrina: "I have a 4-year-old named Zoe and a 2-year-old named Nicole."

House RulesEdit

Naughty SquareEdit

Jo: "I am now going to show you how to use the Naughty Square, okay?"

Jo: "Zoe if you misbehave you're going on to the Naughty Sqaure for 4 minutes."

Naughty PitEdit

Princess Reward ChartEdit

Shared PlayEdit

Ask SupernannyEdit

Shared PlayEdit


DVD MeetingEdit


Daughters VS BabysittersEdit

Jo: "With Mom and Dad out for the night, they left the girls with two babysitters named Lita and Mina."

Lita and Mina: "Hi girls."

New LeavesEdit

Time for Jo to goEdit

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