Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look at what family we've got this time."

Glenn: "Hi, we're the Anderson Family. I'm Glenn, a full-time engineer for Aerospace; I design parts for airplanes."

Cheryl: "I'm Cheryl, a full-time nurse at a local hospital."

[Jo gasps]

Glenn: "We have nine children. Aaron who is 14, Mel who is 13, Savannah who is 8, Jennifer who is 6, Meshell who is 5, Leighton who is 4, Jessica who is 3, Tommy who is 2, and baby Myles who is 15 weeks old."

[Tommy bites Jessica, causing Jessica to scream]

Glenn: "What happened?"

Glenn: "Aaron and Mel are my stepchildren,"

Jessica: "Tommy bites Jessica,"

Glenn: "You do not bite anyone, that is not nice. It doesn't work OK. It doesn't work."

Cheryl: "Tommy bites his siblings,"

Jo: "Glenn and Cheryl, I am on my way."

Going to a Hot Air Balloon FestivalEdit

Jo: "Later on, the family was at a hot air balloon festival. They got a chance to ride on one of the hot air balloons available for a short period of time."

Glenn: "Here we are, guys. The hot air balloon festival."

Mel: "Sweet, look at all those colorful balloons. I like them"

Aaron: "Me too." (Points to one balloon) "That balloon over there is colored like the American flag!"