The Alldaylong-Pond Family is a fanon season 25 episode of Supernanny. Ola visits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to meet a blended family. Jonathan Pond (25), and Iabusekids Alldaylong (40)......Whoa,whoa,whoa. IABUSEKIDS ALLDAYLONG? Well, her original name was Kristen Pond, but she changed it. They have 3 children, twins Louise and Leela (10), who are Iabusekids' children, and PJ (3), who is Jonathan's son. While the twins are well-behaved, PJ is far from that. He screams, throws tantrums, throws toys and other objects, and just got expelled from preschool! If you thought Jennifer Burb, Smoke Cigar,Giuseppe Todaro, Computersare Onlyforteens and Zoe Housecoffee were all stubborn, Iabusekids is the most stubborn woman AND the most selfish parent Ola has ever encountered. She is very selfish. She also abuses her children at least 5 times each hour! She has over a whopping 25 abusive discipline techniques right up her sleeve such as spanking, hot tabasco sauce, soap in the mouth, cold showers, pushing into cold water, banishing into attic, lock in the bedroom, taping to wall with duct tape, going into hot water, and many more. Will Ola help the family? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit, Super Naughty Pit, Selfish Tame, Thought Box, Shared Play, and Family Time.

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