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All sets of Burns quadecaplets throw a tantrum because they have to go to church

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Before The TantrumEdit

Nicole: "One Sunday morning, all six sets of quadecaplets woke up to watch their favorite cartoons and eat sugary cereal."

[Nicola and Lewis are asleep in bed]

[The first, second and third sets of quadecaplets get out of bed and quietly put on their casual clothes]

[The kids tiptoe downstairs]

[The fourth, fifth and sixth sets of quadecaplets are still in their pajamas]

Kathryn: (whispering) "The girls and I will get clothes for the younger ones."

Adam: (whispering) "Okay, and me, Graham, Glenn and Andrew will get breakfast for us in front of the TV."

[Lucinda, Michelle, Tanya, Sarah, Stephanie, Leah, Amy, Kathryn, Carly and Tess tiptoe upstairs]

[Carly, Stephanie and Amy find clothes for the fourth set of quadecaplets]

[Glenn looks inside the cupboard and takes out boxes of Coco Pops]

[Sarah, Tanya and Tess find clothes for the fifth set of quadecaplets]

[Kyle looks through the TV guide]

Kyle: "Hmm, "

Phillip: "How about the DVDs?"

[Michelle, Kathryn, Leah and Lucinda find clothes for the sixth set of quadecaplets]

[Phillip looks inside the DVD cupboard]

[Inside the DVD cupboard, we see ]

[The girls from the first set of quadecaplets arrive back with the fourth, fifth and sixth sets of quadecaplets' casual clothes]

[The girls from the first set of quadecaplets help the fourth, fifth and sixth sets of quadecaplets to get dressed]

[Nicola and Lewis are still asleep in bed]

[Adam and Andrew take 84 bowls out of the cupboard]

[Glenn pours some cereal into the bowl followed by milk]

[Adam, Graham and Andrew help out]

The Tantrum BeginsEdit

Nicole: "When the kids heard that Nicola and Lewis are waking up, "

[Nicola and Lewis' alarm clock rings]

[The kids rush outside and into their secret hideout]

[Nicola and Lewis are waking up]

At ChurchEdit

Church AftermathEdit

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