Alicia May Langbroek (born November 3rd, 1971) is the wife of Serghei Langbroek, biological mother of Kristin, Leanne, Helen, Haley, Leighton, Teddy, Bryce and Sherman, adoptive mother of Master B and Manu, and grandmother of Shelby. In high school, she was the mean-spirited Queen Bee and captain of the cheerleading squad that was always popular. She always hated being mean and wanted to be nice to everyone, but her mother Donna Lee Wilson was a Queen Bee as well and expected Alicia to be mean and cruel like her. These days, she's a college lecturer. When the triplets were naughty, she always said that their birth was an accident.


She has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. In the original, she is overweight, and she wears a red muumuu with blue flowers on it. In Langbroek Family Revisited, she is slimmer and lighter after losing weight.



  • Her full name is Alicia May Wilson-Langbroek
  • She enjoys gardening, traveling, and stamp collecting
  • She loses 145 pounds after being on a weight loss TV show called The Biggest Loser
  • Her Facebook link is

Family TreeEdit

  • Sons-in-Law: Dr. Gregory Daniel Warmus, James Roger Manning, Pierre Jean Leduc
  • Mother: Donna Lee Wilson
  • Father: Seymour James Wilson
  • Husband: Serghei Langbroek
  • Father-in-Law: Irwin Langbroek (deceased: 1945-2010)
  • Mother-in-Law: Millicent Langbroek (née: Fountain) (1949-)
  • Granddaughters: Shelby Langbroek (2009-), Amy Warmus, Danielle Warmus, Violet Manning, Sienna Manning, Natalya Leduc, Marie-Antoinette Leduc
  • Grandsons: Eric Manning, Patrick Leduc


Donna Wilson: Alicia has a hostile relationship with her mother.

Seymour Wilson: Alicia gets on with her father.

Haley Langbroek

Leighton Langbroek

Shelby Langbroek

Manu Langbroek

Leanne Langbroek

Teddy Langbroek

Bryce Langbroek

Sherman Langbroek

Master B Langbroek

Helen Langbroek

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