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Agape Kiranoko (born January 9, 2013) is a 7-year-old Greek girl. She was born in Athens, Greece on 2013.


She has long brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin. She wears a purple dress, her party clothes are a white dress with glitter on it


Family TreeEdit



  • Her full name is Agape Athena Kiranoko
  • For Halloween 2019, she was dressed up as Athena, complete with gold bangles and Goddess sandals
  • For Halloween 2029, she was dressed up as Medusa
  • In Christmas 2019, she opened her presents to reveal a book about Greek mythology and a book about Ancient Greece
  • Her favorite book is EllRay Jake is a Rock Star! by Sally Warner
  • Her favorite TV show is Liv & Maddie
  • Her favorite movie is Disney's Hercules
  • Her favorite hobbies are bike riding and gardening
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • She loves learning about Greek mythology.
  • Her favorite food is nachos
  • Her favorite gods are Apollo and Artemis


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