Adelle Remano (born July 20, 2023 in Sydney, Australia) is the adoptive daughter of Katarina Remano.


She has long brown hair, blue eyes and light skin. She wears blue overralls, a blue blouse and white flats. She wears different clothing.


She is a rebellious, mean-spirited, cocky girl who is very cruel to nature and is also very spoiled.

Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Adelle Kimi Remano
  • She is a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates and PB&J Otter on Disney Junior.
  • She has the same brain mixed with Damian from the Kipit Family.
  • She receives coal for Christmas 2026.
  • Her favorite movie is
  • Her favorite toy is
  • Her favorite TV show is
  • She was expelled from :
  • She was kicked out of :


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