Naughty LogEdit

[Garret grabs Jessica's hair and pulls on it]

[Jessica starts crying]

Catalina: "Garret, do not do that to your sister. This is your warning."

[Garret bites Billy]

[Billy screeches in pain]

[Catalina puts Garret on the Naughty Log]

Catalina: "You have been placed here because you bit your brother. Stay there for 3 minutes and do not move."

Garret: "Okay, then!"

Melissa's 14th Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "The next day was Melissa's 14th birthday party, and she was having a barbecue/pool party with her friends."

Melissa: "Emily, Laura, Imogen, Sally, Susan, Amy, hi! The party's about to begin!"

Emily: "How are you doing, girl?"

Melissa: "Good, how are you doing Emily?"

Emily: "I'm good."

[Garrett is playing in the wading pool]

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