The Acoustir Family is a season 4 episode of Supernanny. Cristos, age 32, and Catalina, age 28, have 9 children. Via sexual activity, Catalina had a strict daughter, Melissa, who is 13 1/2. Together, both parents have fraternal triplets John, Adrian, and Katelin who are 4, identical triplets Teddy, Bryce, and Garrett who are 3, and fraternal twins Billy and Jessica who are 2. The two sets of triplets pee on furniture, yell, and do other inappropriate actions. The twins also yell and pee on furniture, but they don't do other inappropriate things. This episode also marks an issue of the Naughty Log.


Naughty Log


Melissa has the same brain mixed with mother Debra from the Finck Family in Nanny 911.

All other kids have the same brain mixed with amok runners from 18 families:

  • Stephen, Katarina, David, and Daniel from the Finck Family in Nanny 911
  • Andra, Jessie, and Leah from the Jeans Family
  • Andrew from the Weston Family
  • Adam from the Gorbea Family
  • Chase from the Christiansen Family
  • Skylar from the Minyon Family
  • John from the Larmer Family
  • Teddy and Nicholas from the Tsironis Family
  • Shelby from the Young Family (season 2 episode)
  • Benjamin and Zachary from the Fager Family
  • Hagan from the Williams Family
  • River from the McKeever Family
  • Charlette from the Browning Family
  • Tori and Tommy from the Winter Family
  • Selah from the Lewis Family
  • Kaiden from the McKinney Family
  • Gage from the Peterfreund Family
  • Dylan from the Van Acker Family
  • Dirien from the Syndrim Family

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