The Ace-Morales Family is a fanon season 21 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits a blended family with an American mother and Cuban father. Stubborn, lazy, selfish, grumpy and self-centered maternal grandmother Grace (59) lives with the family and treats her oldest grandson like a slave. William (32) and Kristen (27) have 4 children. George (8), Beatrice (6), Lynda (4), and Regina (3). George is well-behaved, but Beatrice swears like a sailor, Lynda tortures George, Regina is the worst one of all. Grace treats George like a slave. Grace isn't concerned about Kristen and William. William works as an actor, while Kristen works as a high-school assistant. When Grace wants something, instead of getting it, she tells George to get it instead. She tells George to eat gross things, grow down, and shrink. Can Jo help this family?

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone (for Beatrice), Naughty Pillow (for Lynda) and Naughty Pit (for Regina)

Other techniques used: Green Smoothie, Limitations technique, Family Time, Chore Buddy System, Trust Technique, Good Eater, Essay Order and Block Violence

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