[The episode starts with 36 creepy faces and horrible screams]

[Vira is screeching and running into a house]

[Vira brutally damages the door which turns into flies]

Chinese and Japanese son: (Translation: This b**** will pay for that!)

[Vira holds the Chinese and Japanese child tight and spanks him three times per second with a mace]

Chinese and Japanese mother: (Translation: Stop!)

[Vira instantly applies duct tape all over the Japanese mother like a mummy and beats her, leaving her unconsious]

[36 creepy faces appear with insane screams]

Vira: "Would you like infinite money? It's now or never."

Young Korean child: (Translation: OK!)

[We see a glass of liquid filled with eyeballs]

[Vira decapitates the Korean with a sword and throws his body and his face in toxic water]

[Josephine is smoking weed infront of Courtney's poorly done corpse, who is stabbed in the knife by Josephine while Thomas turned into a smoking pot]

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