A Song of War and Peace (JP: The Seventeen: The War Chronicles) is a fantasy-war-drama-comedy anime series that focuses the WWII ghosts before and after death. It is a spin-off of Supernanny: The Theory Animated, on Theory Watch, you have to be at least 17 or over to watch.


WWII has begun in the pacific 9 Japanese soldiers, 1 Korean soldier, 1 Taiwanese soldier, 3 American soldiers, 1 German soldier, 1 British soldier and 1 Italian soldier, it's finally here, the shy and seclusive Ryou Shako and his friends and family have to survive the war, but Jonathan Woods isn't going to let that happen, but will Eric help them?

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (1939)Edit

  1. Just the Beginning of a New War

Season 2 (1940)Edit

Season 3 (1941)Edit

  1. Pearl Harbor Attack!

Season 4 (1942)Edit

  1. Unit 731: Unit of Doom.

Season 5 (1943)Edit

Season 6 (1944)Edit

Season 7 (1945)Edit

  • Hiro's Capture
  • Death of Today.

Season 8 (1946)Edit

Season 9 (Post 1946)Edit



It is rated NC-17 for strong sex, strong violence, use of WWII uniforms, and strong language


Despite the positive reviews, it was also controversial for the violence. 

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