Congratulations! you've brough yourself a ALDA KIRANOKO Unit, read this manual to avoid getting killed by a HANS KIRANOKO unit.

Techincal SpecifcationsEdit

Name: Alda Kiranoko

Age: 6, 17, 26,

Place of Manufacture: Rome, Italy

Height: 80 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Your unit comes with the following

2 dresses

1 Vanellope plush

A Mario and Luigi plush

A picture of Hans

A 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land

Italian food making kit

Removal from packaging

This one is easy to remove, make pasta or spaghetti, don't make grated yam, don't


Little sister: This one makes an adorable little sister, especially to a HANS KIRANOKO unit.

Your unit comes with the following modes

Sweet (default)

Adorable (default)

Follow me (locked)

Anger and death (locked)

ALDA units are sweet and adorable, but can be fatal, as she will attack any unit that hurts her,

Her follow me mode is If she is close to you enough, she follows you around like a baby duck

Anger and death mode is unlocked if you mess around with a HANS KIRANOKO unit, such as tickle him, destroy her Vanellope plush, and poke her, she will definitely attack you


HANS KIRANOKO: This unit is ALDA's older brother and she loves him very much




The 6 year old version needs help, the other versions can clean themselves


This unit likes most Italian foods


Sleep patterns are normal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: My unit found my HANS unit locked in my bedroom, he looks hungry and seems to lost alot of weight!

A: ALDA units can know when their brother is hurt or starved for days, HANS units have poor nutrition.

Q: I tickled my HANS unit, and my ALDA unit appeared and tried to hurt me!

A: ALDA units hate their brother being violated, I warned you that


Q: Instead of an Italian girl, I got a boy resembling her, but older, and he is German, who's this?

A: OOPS! We sent you a HANS KIRANOKO unit, they look like their schwester alot!

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