This is a fanfiction created by Japanlover86. It focuses on several ghosts watching 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

Chapter 1Edit

"" (Guys, I saw this weird video, should we watch it?) Asked a male, adolescent ghost wearing s WWII-era Japanese Naval Uniform, with a girl in the same uniform but with a skirt instead.

"Hm, we should, Another Kazuki." Said a boy who resembled him in torn clothing

"Okay then." Said a ghost girl in the kimono 

"" (I think we should, both of you) said a little girl in torn clothes, named Tokiko, her mom and dad, Sakura and Ryou agreed aswell

A few minutes later, they all sat down, Another Kazuki and Reicheru were huddled up in the couch, Another Reicheru held a Pikachu doll, Normal Reicheru, Another Alessandro, Normal Reicheru, Tokiko, Ryou, and Sakura were also there, Tokiko was holding a toy rabbit.

"Okay let's play it." Said Reicheru as she pressed play, a soft piano music played

"Okay then------WHAT THE F***?! SHE's S***ING IN THE CUP, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE HUMANS?!" Screamed Reicheru

"" (TOKIKO! COVER YOUR EYES!) Said Ryou and Sakura to their daughter

"" (No wait she's gonna----) Said Another Reicheru

Screams of Japanese and Italian swears and looks of disgust filled the room

"" (I'm gonna be ill!) Said Another Kazuki, who is trying hard not to vomit

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Kazuki screamed

Another Reicheru hid her face from the gruesome video using her stuffed Pikachu doll

"" (Wait! Is she vomit-----) Said an Italian ghost, Another Alessandro

Yells of disgust filled the room

"" (I'M NEVER GONNA EAT ICE CREAM AGAIN------OH MY GOD!) Yelled Ryou as he tried to shield his daughter's own eyes from the monstrosity

"" (Ew! Being in an Air Raid shelter was way better than this!) Yelled the girl's mother, Sakura

The video was over at last for the spirits

"" (I've lost my appetite) said Ryou in disgust

"" (Oh my god, that's disgusting!) said Sakura

"" (I've seen worse) said Another Reicher and Another Kazuki

"" (I'm gonna be having nightmares for the rest for my ghost life!) complained Tokiko

"" (What a vulgar display!) said Another Alessandro

"I regret watching that!" said Reicheru

"No, just no!" said Kazuki


  • The fanfic's title is a pun on the video 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

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