The Birthday is DecidedEdit

Ryo Chaiko: "Our birthday is a Pokemon-themed birthday party, my fellow counterparts!"

Reicheru: "YATTA!"

[Reicheru high-fives her counterparts]

Princess Starlight: "Hurray for Reicheru!"

Another Nicole: "But, BUT THAT'S NOT CUTE! I WANT A MY LITTLE PONY BIRTHDAY PARTY! POKEMON IS FOR BOYS AND IT'S NOT CUTE!" (begins throwing herself on the floor and starts screaming, bawling, and pounding her fists like a 2-year-old) "WAAAAAAAAH! I HATE POKEMON!"

Another Reicheru: "性交もう一つのニコール終了!私たちは、ポケモンをテーマにしたパーティーを決定しました!" (Translation: "Shut the f*** up, Another Nicole! We have decided on a Pokémon-themed party!")

Toshio: "私のような彼女は本当に20代と言ったら、夫婦と似たような6歳の美人コンテストのように動作し、あなたの誕生日が開始され、私は意味するとき、これはずっとしていたいたいですか?マリールーは、その女性が間違っですか?" (Translation: I hope this doesn't continue when your birthday starts, I mean, like, she's in her twenties and acts like a six-year-old beauty pageant contestant similar to Honey Boo-Boo, really? Marilou, what's wrong with that woman?)

Marilou: "I guess she's way too girlish. I like My Little Pony too, but not everything can be the way she wants it. If she keeps acting like this, We'll donate her Care Bears, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop, Zhu Zhu Pets, Bratz, Disney Princess, Frozen, Tinker Bell, Lisa Frank, Trolls, Pound Puppies, She-Ra, Polly Pocket, Rainbow Brite, Ever After High, PowerPuff Girls and Monster High things to a local Goodwill and replace them with cool boys stuff like He-Man, Transformers, Beast Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Harry Potter, Bakugan, The Jungle Book, Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon, Pokémon, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tarzan, Batman, The Incredibles, Superman, Iron Man, NASCAR racer, Wreck-It Ralph, Hot Wheels, WWE, Adventure Time, Teen Titans, King Kong, Beyblade, Power Rangers, NERF, and so on."

Nicole: "I also booked Malek the Magician. He will perform a magic show."

Reicheru: "Oh goody!"

Marilou: "Sounds nice to me!"

Sophie: "And Cheryllover the Chef will provide the refreshments."

[Nicole writes down "Refreshments - Cheryllover the Chef"]

Reicheru: "Samantha Hinkhouse, or as she likes to be called, Sam will be there, too!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "And the games we'll organize are Guess That Pokémon, Pokéball Shuffle, Pokémon Card Game Tournament, Poffin Making, Pikachu's Lightning Dash, Delphox's Pass the Stick, Wobbuffet Pop, and let's not forget Pokemon bingo, too!"

Reicheru: "Awesome!"

Nicole: "Now, who will run the face painting stall?"

[We briefly cut to Supernanny Girl]

Supernanny Girl: "Don't mind if I do, Nicole. I can be very careful."

Nicole: "Now we need another face painter, which makes it two face painters. Who will it be?"

[ raises ]

[Nicole writes down Face Painters - Supernanny Girl & ]

Nicole: "And there's going to be a prize for the best face. The winners will be one boy and one girl. The kids with their faces painted will be paraded in front of the judges and then they'll be judged by three or four people. Who will the face painting judges be?"

[ raise their hands]

Nicole: "So that's "

[Nicole writes down Face Painting Judges - ]


[Catherine the Spellcaster's anger rises]

Sam: "Here we go again."

Another Marie: "암컷을 삭제할 수 김의 초상화를 닥쳐!" (Translation: Shut up you Kim portrait removing b****!)

Supernanny Girl: "Yeah, cut it out!"

[Another Marie goes up to the tantruming Another Nicole and kicks her in the face]


Princess Starlight: "Another Nicole!"

Marie: "Oh dear, here we go again with Ri Min-Li deciding to beat the s*** out of and torment someone like a demented pigeon with a shotgun."

[Another Marie gets a bat and hits her with it]

Another Marie: "RI 분 -LI! 그것을 말한다! 당신은 김정일의 초상화 훔쳐 방 암컷 덤비는!" (Translated: RI MIN-LI! SAY IT! YOU KIM JONG-IL PORTRAIT STEALING AND ROOM MESSING B****!)

Another Andrew: "그녀는 김정일을 위해 그녀를 용서하지 않을 것이고, 그녀는 그녀의 방을 가리 -girled시 김 사건의 제거 초상화를 서기는 노래" (Translation: She's never forgave her for the Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung portrait removing incident when she girly-girled her room)

[Another Nicole tries to get away, but Another Marie stops her and takes off her bow]

Another Nicole: "HEY! THAT'S MY BOW!"

Reicheru: "Remember when Another Nicole almost destroyed Marie's lapel pins, Starscream figure and Law plush, the one that Andrew got her for Christmas, she got mad, she got multiple requests from conventions because the character Trafalgar Law from One Piece is such a popular character, my Sebastian doll which I REFUSED TO LET HER TOUCH SINCE THAT INCIDENT! Satoko's Japan plushie, I mean it, she's protective of that plush, she almost killed Another Nicole for that, and Park Su-Hyun's Kimjongilia flower hairclip, it looks nice on her, yes, yes, she's from the South, but her boyfriend made it and he's from North Korea."

Marie: "Yes, I do, I never let her touch Mr. Swordsman and toy robot again, I threatened her if she touched my stuff, I break hers."

Another Marie: "죄송합니다, 나쁜,하지만 당신은 그것을 다시 얻을 수는 없을 겁니다. 어서 우리를 내버려하고, 말괄량이 수!" (Translation: "Sorry, b****, but you're not getting it back. Go on, leave us alone, and be a tomboy!")

[Sam sticks her tongue out at Another Nicole whilst hugging her Donatello plush]

Another Nicole: (sobbing) "I WANT MY BOW BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

Princess Starlight: "Serves her right!"

[Reicheru picks her Sebastian plush up and hugs it]

Reicheru: "This onna is getting on my nerves!"

Another Marie: "" (Translation: "Too bad! That's what you get for trying to get away! And take take down my Dear Leader portraits!")

Another Marie: "" (Translation: Hey, Ji-Min, are you holding the camera? This is going to go on our DPRK Team Terrific 10 site!)

[Ji-Min and Jong-Chul Cap are seen with a camera]

Ji-Min: "Yeah, Ri Min-Li, I have the camera, it will teach her not to touch the Kim portraits and sneak into the North Korea dorms while me and the others a patrolling the Militarized Border!"


Catherine the Spellcaster: (finally snaps) SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!!

Another Marie: "" (Translation: "Normal Nicole, please stop your another counterpart!")

[Another Marie covers her ears in annoyance]

Nicole: "OK, Ri Min-Li!"

[Nicole looks at her Another counterpart]

Nicole: "My Another counterpart, you need to stop this fit. If you keep acting this way, you may find yourself facing consequences. Is that clear?"


Reicheru: "Another Nicole, there's no way I'm dressing up as Pinkie Pie! Just shut the f*** up and stop it!"

Jong-un: " you hate Pinkie.....Pie?"

Reicheru: "Yes, Yu-kun, I do hate Pinkie Pie."

Catherine the Spellcaster: (losing her temper) "Yes, and it makes me sick just listening to you talk about your stupid, prissy MLP s***, you stupid, girly crybaby!!! I would gladly rip your stupid MLP plush dolls to shreds!!! AT LEAST I AM NO STUPID MY LITTLE PONY-LOVING MUGGLE LIKE YOU!!!"

Jong-un: "Okay, I don't like MLP either...."

Sam: "And neither do I...blecch!" *shakes her head*

Nicole: "Now you're annoying Reicheru!"

Another Marie: "" (Translation: "Yeah! Don't forget me! Guess what?! I'm gonna punch you Another Nicole!")

Another Nicole: "Don't do it, Marie!"

Another Marie: "" (Translation: "For calling me Marie, it's upgraded to a beating of your life!")

[Another Marie violently punches and kicks Another Nicole, causing her to cry in severe pain]

[The Japanese Cap vigintuplets go to their North Korean siblings and watch Another Marie beat up Another Nicole]

Toshio Cap: "A North Korean 11-year old beating up a 20-something Croatian-American woman, I can't take my eyes off it."

[Another Marie knocks Another Nicole out cold and skeleton birds circle Another Nicole's head as blood is all over her dress and face]

Another Marie: "" (Translation: Your dress and ugly face are now red like a beautiful Kimjongilia!)

[Another Marie holds up a flower pot with a Kimjongilia flower and gives it to her Normal Counterpart]

Another Andrew (to Sophie) "" (Translation: You gotta love her, she's 11 and she has the nerve to beat up an adult girly-girl!)

Catherine the Spellcaster: (glaring at Another Nicole) Sectumsempra!!!

Reicheru: "Oh, Park Young-Soo and Andrew, happy birthday to you both, tomorrow, we will celebrate yours, okay?"

Andrew: "Sure, and plus, Everyone except Another Nicole is invited!"


[The team is in the base's office, writing down invitation cards]

[The invitations say: " " The permission slips say: "If you're bringing : 'I will bring ___ children to .' or if you're going as a whole family: 'We will all .' or if you can't come: ' .' Signed: _____________ (Parent of)"]

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Which families shall we invite?"

Toshio Samo: "" (Translation: "Catherine-san, I am already invited by default. I can be one of the guests at the party, because who doesn't like Pokémon, anyway?")

Sophie: "Well, Catherine. Since Toshio volunteered to be one of the guests, we should invite families with Asian children, like the Chong Family or perhaps the Hattons Family. How about Samantha Hinkhouse, too?"

Nicole: "Nice idea, Sophie."

The Preparations BeginEdit

[Richard and Vitalia are setting up chairs for the magic show]

Richard: "A magic show? The kids are gonna love it!"

Vitalia: "Their parents too!"

Party PaloozaEdit

[The Pokémon theme song plays in the background]

[There are lots of food on the buffet table]

[There are also games set up in the party]

Sophie: "Nicole, it's time for the first game."

Nicole: "Okay everybody, it's time to play a game called Guess that Pokemon!"

Sam: "Goody!"

[The guests cheer]

Nicole: "Everybody sit in front of the big screen "

Sophie: "Now, the aim of the game is that there will be a silhouette of a Pokémon. You have to guess which Pokemon is it."

[There are lots of prizes on the prize table]

Nicole: "You are going to get a prize, which is a Pokémon trading card booster pack, if you get all of the answers right."

Sophie: "Okay, here comes the first Pokémon!"

[The silhouette of Delphox appears]

Sophie: "Who's that Pokémon? Here's a hint. It's one of Reich's favorites!"

[The Ash Ketchum and Pikachu characters arrive at the party]

Nicole: "Reich, Ash and Pikachu are here! Look!"

[All the guests cheer and run towards the Ash and Pikachu characters]

Ash: "Hey, guys!"

Pikachu: "Pika, Pika!"

Ash: " ?"

Everyone: "Yes!"

Ash: "Which one is Reicheru?"

Reicheru: "Here I am!"

Sophie: "Nicole, I think it's time to sing Happy Birthday to Reicheru."

Nicole: "We have a musical surprise for you! Let's sing Happy Birthday everybody!"

Ash: "Attention Pokémon trainers, it's time to join me and my buddy Pikachu as we spread best wishes to Reicheru and wish her a very Happy Birthday! Let's sing the birthday song all together now!"

Pikachu: "Pikachu!"

[We see the Terrific 10 team gathered around Reicheru near a birthday cake with the number 15 as candles]

Everyone: (singing) "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Reicheru! Happy birthday to you!"

[They all applause]

Sophie: "Make a wish, Reicheru!"

Reicheru: "Hai, Sophie-san!" (Blows out the candles)

Sophie: "How old would you be now?"

Reicheru: "I think 416, I think."

Party Pooper Alert!Edit

[Sophie spots Another Nicole]

Marie: "Uh oh. Another Nicole's returning! Let's stop her from ruining the fun!"

Sam: (under her breath) "She'd better not do anything to spoil the party."

[Another Nicole runs to the party and changes the Pokémon music to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme song]

Reicheru: "God f*** no! I don't want My Little Pony music here!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: S***! My ears are being raped!!!!

[Sam covers her ears]

Sam: "Aaaack, make it stop! Make it stop! Please! My ears can't take it!"

[Sophie changes the music back to normal]

[Another Nicole spreads flower and heart decorations all over the walls]

Sam: "My eyes, my eyes!!! NOO!"

Ryo Chaiko: "D***it!" (Burns each decoration one by one)

Princess Starlight: "Hurray!"

[Another Nicole tries to take away the presents in exchange for girly ones, but fails because Another Marie tugs on her dress, which rips and exposes her undies, and Another Marie blushes and lets go]

Another Nicole: (sobbing) "NOOOO!"

(Catherine laughs and takes a picture with an iPhone)

Princess Starlight: "She deserved it!"

[Sam laughs at Another Nicole]

Another Marie: "" (Translation: No, Another Nicole)

Opening the presentsEdit

Sophie: "Want to open your presents?"

Reicheru: "Yeah!"

[Reicheru unwraps her presents, revealing an Alola Vulpix and a Vulpix plush doll, some Pokémon DVDs, A set of the Eeveelutions plushies, and a Zorua plush]

Reicheru: "Cool! These presents are just awesome! arigatou!"

Sam: "I have something for you, too."

Reicheru: "Wow! Fennekin! Thank you, Sam!"

Another Nicole: "It's not cute at all! WAHHH!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Yes it is, you stupid b****!"

[Mei comes up and points a shotgun at Another Nicole's head and Catherine points her wand]

Mei: "" (Translation: Shut the f*** up, a**hole)

Another Nicole: "NO!"

Mei: "" (Translation: "Want death?")

Another Nicole: "I HATE YOU! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" (flees the scene crying)

Catherine: (loses her temper again) And if you dare come back, you will be sorry!!!! I have a wand and I am NOT AFRAID TO USE IT, B****!!!!!!!

(suddenly, Another Nicole's body begins to inflate in a round size like a giant balloon in a thanksgiving day parade and begins to float away)