78-Hour Tantrum (JP: Lost Your Cool?) is an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated.


It is November 12th, a few days before Ryo, Reicheru, and their Another counterparts' birthday, when they decide a Pokemon theme, Another Nicole Birou-Jennings is unimpressed and claims that it's not "cute" and throws a tantrum over it. Can the Theory gang try to tame her before it erupts into a violent rage of chaos?


  1. Reicheru the Yokai Spirit
  2. Ryo the Yokai Spirit
  3. Nicole Birou-Jennings (Another)
  4. Nicole Birou-Jennings
  5. Sophie the Otter
  6. Marilou the Otter
  7. Malek the Magician
  8. Catherine the Spellcaster
  9. Cheryllover the Chef

Party GuestsEdit

  1. Toshio Samo (accompanied by his mother Satoko. They are invited by default)
  2. Marie Lara-Rutter (accompanied by her adoptive mother Zoe)
  3. Andrew Tinnings, and his adoptive siblings (accompanied by his adoptive parents )
  4. Aini, Ali, Toshio, Mei, Mi-Yung, Aen-Min, Kim and Apu Dano (accompanied by their adoptive mother Jenny)
  5. Kwong-Soo, Jung-Dee, Moo, Meng, Fuju, Adam, Zaza and Lisa Chong (accompanied by their adoptive parents Makiko and Zhao)
  6. Sun Wei, Sun Chen, Satoko, Setsuko and Mi-Yung Kiranoko (accompanied by their adoptive father Joseph)
  7. Ji sung, Ji hung and Ji chang Kirochu (accompanied by their parents Ji woong and Natasha)
  8. Ji kwong and Ji wang Kerriton (accompanied by their parents Ji min and Thomas)
  9. Toshio, Hiraku and Setsuko Hiwatari (accompanied by their parents Tariko and Kai)
  10. Song, Jiao, Baozhai, Zhao, Wei, Mei, Mulan, Dongmei, Mingzhui, Chun, Chen and Ling Cloud (accompanied by their adoptive parents Agatha and John)
  11. Ai, Akio, Satomi, Sachiko, Satsuki, Shinsaku and Toshihiro Brewer (accompanied by their adoptive mother Angeline)
  12. Mi-Yung, Kwang-Sun, Mulan, Laila, Yoshi, Hanako, Kim and Ajit Hattons (accompanied by their adoptive mother Cassie)
  13. Yoshi, Satoko, Ling, Kim, Kwang-Sun and Ji-min Williams (accompanied by their adoptive father Bryce)
  14. Satoko, Aito and Mingzhui Break (accompanied by their adoptive mother Kenisha)
  15. Sets of vigintuplets from Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and China from the Cap Family (accompanied by their adoptive father Matthew)
  16. Leah, Geri, Christine, Ranga, Mike, Lee, Vicky, Joanna, Ruwan, Elaine, Gina and Bineesh O'Connell (accompanied by their adoptive parents Gemma and Darren)
  17. Matthew Duric (accompanied by one of his adoptive mothers Alana)
  18. Hae-Woo, Eun-Sun, Chin-Ho and Kwang-Sun Thon (accompanied by their adoptive parents John and Stacie)
  19. Sachiko, Akio, Satoshi, Toshio and Satoko Sand (accompanied by their adoptive mother Stacie)
  20. Yuki, Tokiko and Sachiko Okina (accompanied by their parents Ryu and Mika)
  21. Ling Kyra (accompanied by her adoptive brother Ken)
  22. Bai, Qiang, Ya, Fen and Jian Xiao (accompanied by their mother Jiao)
  23. Tyson, Robby and Lee-Yoo Thorndyke (accompanied by their adoptive parents Marco and Sonia)
  24. Vicky, Bronson, Myles, Cletus, Samantha and Bryce Hinkhouse (accompanied by their parents Lil AC and Judy)