Оксана: "Alessandro cannot possibly be kidnapped."

Stacie: "That is true, since Alessandro is a ghost and can also escape cages."


Finding 5thCent EntertainmentEdit

[We see a crazy bus with incredible handling, incredible mileage, and is smart to tell whether Giuseppe is turning or not]

[10 seconds later, a stop alarm makes noise, and the bus stops]

Giuseppe: "WHAT THE (bleep) COULD THIS BE THIS TIME?!?!"

Meeting 5thCent EntertainmentEdit

Recruiting 5thCent EntertainmentEdit

5thCent: "2014 is way more suckish than 2013. OMG! Plankton is my worst enemy! Chartfanlover is a (bleep). Sophie the Otter is an even bigger (bleep)."

Something strange happensEdit

Reicheru: "WHAT?! (bleep)!"

Gemma: "OOH, YOU DIRTY (bleep)!"

Most of the party is kidnappedEdit

Chartfanlover: "FOUR OF THEM ESCAPED!"

Reicheru: "BUT 243 SHOULD BE ENOUGH!"

Ji woong: "Y'know, for 5thCent Entertainment, 2014 is sucking (bleep)."

Giuseppina Bondesan: "But how did Plankton make it total (bleep)?"

Talking to 5thCentEdit

Reicheru: "Make me."

5thCent: "Plain disrespect, it's FAR FROM AMAZING!!!"

[Gemma arrives]

Giuseppe: "What do you mean by that?"

5thCent: "I lost two charts, one of them because of the recent change of YouTube."

Giuseppe: "Plankton is not as bad as Sophie the Otter, Reicheru the Yokai Spirit, and Gemma the Good Witch. Those w****s are crazy!"

5thCent: "Plankton is not as bad as them? Yeah, right! There was a plan for a chart called GVB Chart, which combines the status of the two lost charts. The plan is scrapped due to the termination of one of the charts because of him. He used my chart as his tool, and that is a parasitical piece of plain disrespect."

Оксана: "Wait, using another user's chart as a tool?! Yeah, you're right! This IS a parasitical behavior. And a parasitical behavior is totally unacceptable!"

5thCent: "The other chart got on indefinite hiatus, thanks to the recent change of YouTube. Google ruined it! Yes, Google ruined YouTube! Old school voting-charts got in jeopardy!"

Stacie: "So, we better address the issue of Google for messing with YouTube and making a jerk out of it."

Оксана: "Stacie, YouTube is under Google."

Giuseppe: "She's right."

5thCent: "I've only banned him on YouTube temporarily..."

Оксана: "One time, I was reporting to police a video that offended me and my crew, luckily most people who viewed it flagged it!"

5thCent: "From after name callings on until maybe the New Year 2015 or earlier, he is banned..."

Webeewize: "Name callings is very rude and somewhat unacceptable, but does internet consequence really make a good consequence to you?"

5thCent: "Then death threats came afterwards, I nearly snapped. I do not deserve a chart performance in The Crazy Character Voting Program, nor I think you guys and girls."

Giuseppe: "Death threats are unacceptable. Let's move it!"

Оксана: "Yes. Because parasitical behaviors are unacceptable behaviors. And we're ready for this."

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