The Deathly Death Ghosts are two ghosts that control many things, the ghosts are Alessandro Todaro (1890-1949) and Reicheru Chaiko (1599-1613). They both died in Italy.

After Reicheru's DeathEdit

After she died at age 14, she came back to haunt the courthouse, she only had fun by playing with her tradition dolls after her parents went on a boat to Italy, left them there and left, and destroying pictures of the Todaro Family using pyrokinesis, much to her surprise. Her dream was to travel to many places, but she was able to since her death by hanging.

After Alessandro's DeathEdit

When Alessandro died at age 59, he came back to haunt his ancestor's courthouse, while there, he met a ghost girl named Reicheru, she and Alessandro fighted all the time in the courthouse, in 2006, she got multiple toys and games when people from Rome left it to pay her respects, Alessandro was furious at her and they became rivals years later.

In 1960, Alessandro menaced Japan by breaking bones and acting like hurricanes until Reicheru, who left the courthouse in the middle of midnight to stop him, she managed to stop him.


These two ghosts hate eachother to no end and they fighted all the time during their stay and haunting at the courthouse


  • Reicheru smiled while saying "Finally someone killed you already, I was so sick of your family!" during Alessandro's execution.

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