Chapter 1Edit

Here is 20 Ways to P*** off Toshio Samo

  1. Steal the Blood Drainer
  2. Hide his Shadow doll
  3. Constantly ask him if he loves pancakes
  4. Make him read a pornographic ShadowxSonic dojinshi
  5. Give him hamburgers
  6. expose him to Sonadow vore pictures
  7. Constantly sing "Boy, you are so cruel" when Toshio vivisects people
  8. Tickle him
  9. Hide his manga
  10. Call him a Jap
  11. Tell him Black Butler is a yaoi
  12. Call him your "shota boy"
  13. Call him "Shiro Ishii" every time he performs medical human experiments
  14. Give him a porn-filled tablet
  15. Grope his mother
  16. Raspberry him every time he tortures the Todaro Japanese vigintuplets
  17. Call him any nationality that is not Japanese
  18. Lock the toilets and hide the keys and leave it until he pees himself
  19. Constantly poke him
  20. Tickle his nose with a feather
  21. Ask Toshio constantly if his reproductive system works.

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