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10 Worst Video Games EVER is a video by Satoko and Toshio Samo, it is filmed in Satoko's bedroom.


Satoko: "" (Translation: Hello, me and Toshio are gonna dig into gaming h***, to find the Unit 731 and Auschwitz of video games, in the 10 Worst Games Ever)

Number Juu (10): Sonic '06Edit

Number Kyuu (9): Superman 64Edit

Number Hachi (8): Link: Faces of Evil and Zelda: Wand of GamelonEdit

Number Shichi (7): Sonic GenesisEdit

Number Roku (6): Ridge Racer for PlayStation VitaEdit

Number Go (5): Cluster's RevengeEdit

Number Yon (4): Big Rigs: Over the Road RacingEdit

Number San (3): Action 52Edit

Number Ni (2): E.T: The ExtrasternalEdit

Number Ichi (1): BUBSY F***ING 3-F***Ing-D!Edit

Satoko: "" (Translation: The worst game ever made was, Bubsy 3D, holy f***, that s*** made me wanna lock myself in my room and throw dozens of motherf***ing copies out of my f***ing room)

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