The ****yourselvesoriwill**you-Wright Family is a fanon season 27 episode of Supernanny. Annie visits Phoenix, AZ to meet a blended family with the most selfish and abusive mother Annie has ever encountered. Everybodygo ****yourselvesoriwill**you, age 40......Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! OMG! EVERYBODYGO ****YOURSELVESORIWILL**YOU?!? That's right, her name used to be Jane Wright. She is married to Kent Wright who is 37. They have 4 teenage children: Trevor Wright, age 16, Dion Wright, age 14, and identical twins Queenie Wright and Quinn Wright, age 13. All of the kids take drugs, refuse to do their homework, stay past curfew, and play violent video games. ***yourselvesoriwill**you is one of the most selfish, stubborn, and abusive mothers Annie has ever encountered. She is ranked #1 in the Top 20 most selfish mothers in the Guinness Book of World Records: 2035. She uses over 3000 abusive discipline techniques such as the Creepy Zoo, Baddie the Bulldog, Killer the Crab, Scary the Spider, Ferocious the Fish, spankings, groundings, hot sauce, lock in the bedroom, tabasco sauce, going in hot or cold water, tape to wall, soap in mouth when swearing, force feed with ghost peppers, fake pepper spray on face, cold showers, and any other you can imagine. She even goes out with her friends and her own siblings at night together to steal even the most expensive things in public, scam people constantly, and even break into people's homes to cause some damage. Not to mention that she uses illegal weapons in public and takes illegal drugs like her kids! She even shook her son Leo, who was 2 weeks old, to death while watching Ted: The Movie. She thinks that "TV IS FOR ADULTS AND TOYS ARE FOR BABIES!" (her words, and I mean her words, not mine!). Can Annie Blume try to tame Everybodygo and help the family or will more havoc continue? This episode also marks an issue of the Naughty Swivel, Reflection Room, Selfish Tame, Essay Order, Drug Disposal, and Block Violence.