(bleep), I'm The King is a song by Pietro Todaro, featuring Giovanni Todaro and Angelo Todaro. It released on January 2020. There doesn't seem to be a tune to it, like in "(bleep) Suck (bleep)" by Tyler, The Creator.


Try and stop me now,
I will kill you,
Any final words?
Death is waiting for you...
(bleep), I'm the king of queens,
(bleep), I'm the king of life,
(bleep), I'm the king of the universe,
(bleep), I'm the king everywhere...
My reign is countless,
Guess what it is,
You will surely die,
And it is no lie...
(bleep), I'm the king of you,
(bleep), I'm the king of ye mum,
(bleep), I'm the king of ye dad,
(bleep), I'm the king of ye family...
Odds of kills is million in million and one,
(bleep) you, (bleep) you, (bleep) you,
And if you don't like it,

Giovanni Todaro:
Shut up (bleep),
Suck my (bleep),
You (bleep)in' bop,
Beware of the king,
Pietro Todaro:
(bleep), I'm the king of dis,
(bleep), I'm the king of dat,
(bleep), do you appreciate this,
(bleep), you are surely fat...
There's probably,
Not a single person,
Who doesn't know me,
Put a (bleep) in your mouth...

edit rest

Giovanni Todaro, Pietro Todaro, Angelo Todaro:
Swag, swag, you will, die... (16x)


The song recieved negative reviews.

Allmusic gave the song a rating of 1.5/5.0. The A.V. Club gave the song a grade of F. Entertainment Weekly gave the song a grade of F. The Guardian, musicOMH, and URB all gave it 1.0/5.0. Pop Matters gave it 1/10, Sputnikmusic gave it 1/5, and The Phoenix gave it 1/4. Metacritic gave a score of 17.46%.

It was banned in 34 countries, including Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, Brazil, and Trinidad and Brazil.

It came on a list of the "50 Worst Songs Of All Time", a total of 227 times. After the 200th time, the average rating was #9.85

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