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Оксана Великажінка shows a video to the Gadadhara Bobbalu Hotel police

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This video is about Оксана Великажінка (whose name is however translated to Oksana Velykazhinka) showing a video to the Gadadhara Bobbalu Hotel police where Sophie the Otter sings rhymes with specific Supernanny characters which Великажінка claims as death threats.


Showing the video to the policeEdit

[Оксана Великажінка is taking the inside way to the Gadadhara Bobbalu police station with her phone]

[Oksana shows the police a video]

[Oksana plays the video]

Sophie: (using a megaphone in a large open field during the night) "Okay, Team Giuseppe haters! Let's sing various rhymes to show how much we hate Giuseppe and all of the other selfish adults who appeared in Supernanny! Influenced by children's rhymes from the 1980s!"

[The camera turns to all of the SN characters who were visited by the Todaros standing on rows of titanium and bulletproof metal bleachers]

All: (singing) "Joy to the world, that the Todaros should be dead! We wanna barbecue their heads! We'll roast Bobbalu's body because he is so naughty! We'll hope that it comes true! Very very true! So we will never see those stubborn grumps again!"

[Oksana pauses the video]


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